Awaking the Sleeping Giant

We’ve all heard the term, waking the sleeping giant haven’t we?

What we don’t realise as humans or people is that we are the sleeping giant individually. Have you ever had that urge to do something, like lose weight as a simplistic approach however the minute you decide too, someone invites you out for dinner? So, in your mind, you say alright, I’ll start tomorrow. The issues are tomorrow never arrives.

So how do you wake the sleeping giant within to make sure that whatever it is you decide to do, you make the decision and do it regardless. So waking the giant within you means getting what it is you want to do in your mind and no matter what it is that’s preventing you do it, you just do it.

But it takes sacrifice I hear people saying, yep it takes sacrifice. It takes commitment, hard work, sweat and tears something we are not always willing to do to get our goal. We become complacent and start to doubt our ability to achieve it so give up.

Remember though if you go to the gym for one day, you don’t see the results of a changed body, you may feel like you have worked but there is no visual change. Go t the gym for 3 months though and you can feel yourself getting stronger, leaner or faster whatever it is your setting your sights on. You still may not too much change in your body so what do you do now….Give up????

No we keep going, we go for 12 months, 18 months 2 years and then at some point that we cant put our finger on our body changes. Because we see it every day, we don’t notice the change, but I can guarantee you that someone you haven’t seen for a while sees you, what do they say?, wow you look great.

You see we don’t always see or notice the changes but I guarantee you awaken the giant within and before you know it you will see the differences you have decided to make.

All my life I have struggled with waking the giant within, however when I stopped caring about what other people had to say and started believing in my own ability and that no matter what I wanted, it was for me and it was important, my life changed.

There are so many knockers that are going to try and put the Giant within you back to sleep for fear that you will actually, succeed, but I say to these people, worry about your own lives and wake up your own giants.

Never be afraid to be something great, reach your potential no matter what it is you want to do and know that there will always always always be people that wanna pull you down.