Flying with Eagles

Flying with Eagles

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could fly like eagles and imitate their traits in business? Such graceful creatures that are looked up on as dangerous or aggressive however its known eagles have trails few of us even understand.

Eagles do not flap their wings like most birds however they glide from high above and soar above their prey. Yes, thats correct, Eagles have wingspans that are designed similar to aeroplanes where a change in angle is all they need to control where they fly. They have amazing eyesight and understanding of their needs. Eagles fear no one…..or nothing……!!!

So isn’t this similar to business, we need to understand our competition (Prey), have amazing vision(eyesight) and not broadcast that we are coming (Flap out wings)….if we take on the simplistic traits of the eagle we will be sure to have a good understanding of our business and where we sit.

Are we at the top of the food chain or are we fighting for scraps with everyone else like scavengers with the last feed after everyone else has feasted? Your business model should be set up to differentiate you from your competition which of course can be achieved in many ways.

Remember eagles soar high above their prey, they have amazing vision and can spot their prey from miles away. Intuitive and skillful they are very rarely challenged because of these and other unique attributes.

What if your business, career, personal life and/or relationships had the same traits as an eagle, how different would life be, your financial situation and your everyday chores? We all have the ability to fly like eagles it is whether we chose to change our mindset or let go of the things we believe make us secure.

Eagles never question whether they are secure, they just do!!! Why do you then question your security or need to hold on to those old habits that hold you back from becoming great. Greatness is in all of us, we just need the courage to leap off the cliff and soar like an eagle, I guarantee not many of you look back.

Most of us look at people that have already succeeded and say, oh they were just lucky, or they were born with lots of money or have won lotto however most have had the courage to let go and trust in their own uniqueness and purpose to move forward.

Remember if you are not learning you are going backwards because the knowledge you learn today will be outdated tomorrow. Knowledge is power however having the guts to let go of what’s been holding you back will transform your life forever.

Author: Dale Stone – Co-Founder SmartBiz Group, Founder change4kids Inc

Street Kid from 12 – 13 years of age, Physically and emotionally beaten with the courage to let go of old habits.